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Him book 1 {completed}

Him book 1 {completed}

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Dreams~are~unlimited By mevixx Completed

"Your late. I meant what I said about on the dot." Devlin says calmly, not looking up from the piles of paper on his desks. Korra nervously fiddles her thumbs. "I-I must have lost track of time." She stutters out. She hated that she stuttered when she was nervous. Devlin slowly looks up at her. His eyes took in her appearance with wide eyes. She was startled by his bewildered look. Did he not like the dress? He said to dress nicely. She thought to herself. In quick movements he was by her side. His lips crashed into hers, hungrily. In one smooth move he picks Korra up in his arms. Her legs wrap around him instinctively. He lead her to wall, slamming her against the cold, hard surface. There tongues dancing inside of one another's  mouths. Then in inhuman strength he lifts her up onto his shoulders. His head disappearing under the hem of her red skirt.
Meet Korra Knight. Fresh into collage. When she gets a new job. Her boss holds a dark secret. Can she tame the beast within him?

marianalolo marianalolo Jul 03
Im almost 17 and never kissed anyone too..I always run away 😂
mousy188 mousy188 May 18
Her face:😨😱😲😵😓😭
                              His face:😈👹👺👿💀😠
Accent or Correct Grammer
                              Blue or green eyes (ive always wanted them and with my astigmatism i cant have them)
                              Good Job
                              Believe In God
                              And make me laugh and treat me with respect
Bata_Batuta Bata_Batuta Feb 14
Room 666? In flr 600? Damn, some would be floor 600 and room 601-610 only hehe
psychotic_Butler psychotic_Butler Jan 20, 2016
Lol you can tell its a naughty book just by reading the description and yet people still want to come and coment and give hate if you dont like the book people just leave i mean honestly
mommapunkin mommapunkin Sep 24, 2015
I'm going for the gusto... And other words I'm reading the book... BTW we all need Jesus one way or another, we need him in our lives and in our hearts...