Marriages are made in Heaven (Completed/Unedited)

Marriages are made in Heaven (Completed/Unedited)

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He locked his eyes with hers advancing towards where she was standing . Tahira took baby steps backwards, fear evident in her eyes.  All she could sense was lust and greed for her body in his eyes. Soon she found her back hitting the wall. Her heart thumped wildly. As soon as he approached her he scooped her towards him sliding his arm around her waist . 

 "Please....don't.." she muttered more to herself and soon found him crashing his lips to hers with full force. Taking out all his frustration he bit them savagely.  She muffled a cry trying to loosen herself from his deathly grip.

 With all the strength she had she pushed him back. He was forced to take a step backwards. Taking her shot she tried to run only to find herself tripping over his foot and twisting her ankle. She let out a scream and fell down with tears streaming down her face. 

It was only then that he realized what he was doing. With anger and guilt in his eyes he stormed out of the room.

On their wedding night Nilay point blankly clarifies that he is in a relationship with somebody else and Tahira will have to put up with that. Will her dream of a fairytale marriage come to an end? Will she hate him or still fall for him?

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tahee_s tahee_s May 07
Hey!! My names Tahira too. And my nickname is tahi again😁😁😁
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1 year !!!! And i think again i want to go in their land for a few hours....
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OH seems interesting, this will be the next book im reading. hope its good!