Reckless Love

Reckless Love

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A Little Stone By stonerbaby42 Completed

Elena Gilbert. She's famous practically, being a doppelganger and coming back from the dead after being sacrificed by a hybrid, her two suitors the infamous Salvatore brothers, being the bloodline of Niklaus Mikelson, turned by Damon Salvatore. 

It's been 4 years since Stefan left. Damon isn't in her life either after making her become a vampire to save her from suicide because of her depression over Stefan. But she knows Stefan won't come back for her. He's with Katherine now. She needs someone in her life, though. 

One morning she wakes up and thinks of Damon Salvatore, the sexy, mysterious Salvatore brother who is closer than she believes. But will she fall for him? Or will she push him away again?

  • cute
  • delena
  • delenababy
  • pg-13
  • romance
Ishipnianforlife Ishipnianforlife Oct 25, 2014
Aww no problem! Thanks for taking the time to acknowledge me :) I will definetly read this and let u know! Your fantastic as always!
stonerbaby42 stonerbaby42 Oct 23, 2014
@Ishipnianforlife I hope you like this book as much as you liked the other one. you give me a lot of confidence and that helps me a lot.