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Ashley By defectiveasian_678 Updated Aug 05, 2017

She is light. She is beauty. She is grace. She is spring at it's finest. She is Persephone.

He is darkness. He is dangerous. He is mysterious. He is death. He is Hades.

              Hades is taken by Persephone's light and innocence. He does what any sane almighty god would do. He takes her away from everything she knows and introduces her to the darkest realm in the world. There he tells her that she will be married to him and rule over this dark place.
           But then what girl would just willingly go along with this? Let me tell you. Not one. Not me. Not you. Not Persephone. But can he change her mind and her heart? Or will it be too late for them both?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"I am Persephone. I'm the goddess of spring. My mother is Demeter and she'll get you if you don't let me go home right now" I told him smirking.

"Oh really? Goddess of spring? I'm so scared."

"You should be" I proudly proclaimed.

 "Do you want to know who I am?"

"I asked you that like 5 times already!"

 "Actually you asked me once"

"Whatever. Just tell me who you are."

"I am Hades. I am the God of the underworld. I am the god all the riches from the underground. And I have chosen you to rule alongside me"

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Phzynx Phzynx Sep 24, 2017
Are all Mother Goddesses like her? Just bluntly telling her kid how ugly she is?
AnimeAries AnimeAries Feb 26, 2017
And the mother of the year award goes to!........... Not Demeter! -_-
Amelia_Huerta Amelia_Huerta Sep 04, 2016
I love greek mythology too they're the best and so is this book!😊