Liam Payne Knocked On My Door

Liam Payne Knocked On My Door

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Chapter 1

     Hello, my name is Grace. It's a typical Saturday night here in LA. Well, typical as it could be... I've been staying at the W Hotel here in Westwood for the past 2 days. I used to live with my boyfriend...err ... ex-boyfriend, but when I walked into our room to find another girl I couldn't take it. So here I am eating cookie dough ice cream watching Titanic all alone on a Saturday night... *sigh* 

      Don't get me wrong Titanic is a great movie, but I can't help but think that guy Jack had a girlfriend back home waiting for him and here he is in a car with some girl he just met. 'omg what am I thinking?' 

       I pause the movie and continue to eat my ice cream. 'Silence, this is so much better.' Then all of a sudden I heard a knock at the door, I start to walk to the door but pass my reflection. I realize I don't look so great, my normally long brown hair is tied in a messy bun, my makeup is somewhat smeared from the movie and my outfit isn't helping me one bit. I...

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AshleyKatniss AshleyKatniss Oct 22, 2012
lol, loved it awww it was so sweet! anyways, you should make your chapters longer, like arounf 1,500 words :)
AshleyKatniss AshleyKatniss Oct 22, 2012
lol! when i read the title i was like "OMG I HAVE TO READ THIS!" pretty good so far :)