Underestimated Pain- Junjou Romantica

Underestimated Pain- Junjou Romantica

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This is the sequel to my story 'Missing Misaki' it was requested so I decided that I might as well do a sequel. 

Misaki is recovering from his injuries still, Usagi has been pestering him over his health, Misaki starts acting strangely... What's wrong with him? Will Usagi be able to help? Or will Misaki disappear again?

This is yaio
=boy X boy
No like? No read simple ^-^

It means I love Misaki and Usagi in Japanese,pronounced as Misaki toh Usagi wa daiski des!
*Picks up Hatsune Miku and throws her at them.* Invite her for dinner! D:<
seraph_of_yaoi seraph_of_yaoi Aug 19, 2016
Technically it's "j'adore Misaki"   Like without the mark above the e. The mark means past tense. J'ai just means "I have". It's not really past tense.
Shelby_Gt_ Shelby_Gt_ Jan 28, 2016
It would just be je adoré, j'ai is past tense.  So your saying I loved Misaki. .. anyways love your book
Pweezy_420 Pweezy_420 Jul 06, 2015
Heheheheheheheheh my pervert brain is making me think of all the endless possibilities here
book_binder book_binder Apr 14, 2015
I searched j'ai adorè and found out it meant 'I love' so, hehe Usagi.XP I love this series!!! I already finished the whole first book today!!!!