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Junjou Romantica: High School Graduation by ZeeStar30
Junjou Romantica: High School Zee Star
This is the sequel to my Junjou Romantica High school fan-fiction. So if you haven't read it please do so. Akihiko is going to graduate soon, Miskai gets a new job, Taka...
1| 饾檲饾檾 饾檵饾檺饾檧饾檷饾檹饾檴饾檷饾檮饾樉饾樇饾檳 [饾樇饾櫋饾櫄饾櫗 饾樇饾櫋饾櫕饾櫀饾櫑饾櫄饾櫙] by AnnaDeLaCruzAlvarez
1| 饾檲饾檾 饾檵饾檺饾檧饾檷饾檹饾檴饾檷饾檮饾樉饾樇饾檳 [饾樇 饾樇饾櫍饾櫍饾櫀饾樉饾樇
Alex Alvarez When this girl Anna Sofia de la Cruz moves to L.A from Puerto Rico after Maria, the hurricane, and lives in the same apartment complex that the Alvarez fam...
Miracle or curse? - Junjou Romantica by BerryBerryBlitz
Miracle or curse? - Junjou BerryBerryBlitz
Misaki hasn't been feeling well lately.... Usagi is beginning to worry about his adorable Misaki, a trip to the hospital leads them to an astonishing discovery.... Howev...
JunJou Romantica: University Life by ZeeStar30
JunJou Romantica: University Lifeby Zee Star
This is a University AU, that has no connection to my previous highschool Stories. Misaki is starting his first year a M-University and moving into a dorm. His roommate...
Junjou Fanatica by avatarhay
Junjou Fanaticaby Avatarhay
One - shots about a Jealous Usiga, a nervous Misaki, and his suitors
Outside the Dream (A Junjou Romantica Fanfiction) by colormeangry
Outside the Dream (A Junjou yourgayaunt
With the couple closer than ever before, Misaki and Usagi find themselves deciding to tell Takahiro of their relationship. With Usagi's reassurance, they finally fill Ta...
Love of the Spirit - Junjou Romantica by BerryBerryBlitz
Love of the Spirit - Junjou BerryBerryBlitz
This is the sequel of my story 'Smoke Trail'. Misaki is still upset over the loss of Usagi, things just don't feel the same without him, what will happen when something...
Crimson Tears - Junjou Romantica by BerryBerryBlitz
Crimson Tears - Junjou Romanticaby BerryBerryBlitz
Misaki and Usagi decide to go shopping one day, however something neither of them expected happens, will they be able to get away unscathed? Or will crimson cover the fl...
Missing Misaki - Junjou Romantica by BerryBerryBlitz
Missing Misaki - Junjou Romanticaby BerryBerryBlitz
Misaki is late coming home from school one day, Usagi who was at a meeting so he couldn't pick him up that day, gets worried when he realizes Misaki isn't home yet. Usa...
Junjou Romantica FanFic: Don't leave me. by shirodoragonu
Junjou Romantica FanFic: Don't Just A writer
This is a fanfic about an anime called Junjou Romantica, which I do not own sadly ;) Warning: contains yaoi/boy love/gay. Hope that you enjoy reading this ^_^
Ijuuin sensei and Misaki - Junjou Romantica by BerryBerryBlitz
Ijuuin sensei and Misaki - BerryBerryBlitz
Misaki has to pick up a manuscript from Ijuuin sensei, things don't turn out as planned...will things become okay again? Or was it just too much this time? Misaki X Usa...
Cupido dispar贸 una flecha reciclada by kmarting
Cupido dispar贸 una flecha recicladaby Kate Martin
Kate doesn't about marriage. Take the bouquet and be the next to get married, is it scientifically proven? Because someone had to have told Helen's cousin! She KO'd us a...
Usagi X Misaki  by EsmeSephtis
Usagi X Misaki by EsmeraldaSephtis666
Usagi (a.k.a known as the worlds greatest pervert molests poor chibi-tan). Every time he comes home from collage he fucks Misaki until he's unable to walk. Sometimes h...
Fireball (Junjou Romantica Ijuuin Kyou x Yanase Yuu Boyxboy) by Karushii
Fireball (Junjou Romantica knilua
So pretty much Ijuuin is trying to give up on Misaki when he happens to start being conscious of one of his assistants, Yanase Yuu. But Yuu is still in love with Chiaki...
The One I Call Usagi-san... by Chiaki-ai
The One I Call Chiaki-ai
"It's not your fault. It was NEVER your fault."- Usagi-san Misaki was 8 years old when his parents died. He blamed himself forever until a strange man with sil...
Don't Remind Me (A Junjou Romantica Fanfiction) by IndustrialAmerican
Don't Remind Me (A Junjou Dominik Santorski
Misaki came home, drenched in rain water, terrified of what Usagi might do after he found out what had happened to him. Misaki wanted to brush this over and forget it co...
Will You Marry Me? by ShadowTheDestroyer
Will You Marry Me?by Shadow
After years of being together Usagi felt it was time to take the finale step of a relationship....marriage Misaki's brother still didn't know but Usagi wanted to make su...
Smoke Trail - Junjou Romantica by BerryBerryBlitz
Smoke Trail - Junjou Romanticaby BerryBerryBlitz
Usagi's habit has resulted in something he and Misaki never expected, will their love for each other prevail? Or will he succumb to it and fade? Misaki X Usagi This is Y...
Pure Romance (girl's side) by Lovestruckmelody
Pure Romance (girl's side)by Lovestruckmelody
Oh, l'amour, the word speaks love. But let me introduce you to Akemi Yamato, she's just your average eighteen your old who wants to fall in love like everybody else. But...
Pasi贸n Esmeralda by sandy-chan26
Pasi贸n Esmeraldaby sandy-chan26
Cuando todo su mundo se vino abajo, ella supo apreciar lo que le quedaba... Narusaku Adaptaci贸n