Kuroko no Basuke (Various x Reader)

Kuroko no Basuke (Various x Reader)

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soiled sorrow By HarukaTomoe Updated Aug 11, 2016

Kuroko no Basuke rightfully belongs to Tadatoshi Fujimaki

Kuroko no Basuke
Lemons, one-shots, two-shots or even three-shots, and song parts.

(Morely focused on the Kiseki no Sedai)


♕ KnB Watty Awards 2015 Winner (One-shot) ♕

I don't have a crush tho.. I only have a crush on anime guys until now, but idk about the future XD
                              *the notebook hit (crush name) and sent him to his butt on the floor with bloody nose*
aish_iteru aish_iteru Jul 04, 2016
excuse me?do you really think that lowly of me?ya I like you but that doesn't mean I'll follow you around. Peasant.
SleepyKoizumi SleepyKoizumi Nov 28, 2016
You're going to break my little heart again after almost 2 years I tried to heal it back after the rejection that I got
KatanakaKuroshi KatanakaKuroshi Nov 08, 2015
*le cracks into tears, Nijimira-senpai noticed me! HE NOTICED ME!
- - Oct 15, 2015
O\\\\O… *I'm squealing and my family is over… they're asking if I'm ok*