Black Combat Boots

Black Combat Boots

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All I wanted to do was get a pair of combat boots. Black ones. 

I walk into the shoe store then walk to the aisle with combat boots. I've been here so many times to stare at them that I have the aisle memorized. 

I'm Dylan, Dylan Daniels. 

My family isn't poor. If you could call it a family. It's Mom and I in a townhouse.  It's just my mom is a workaholic and I'm lucky if I see her for a minute. Some eighteen year olds would get high or drunk every night. She's not my mom, she took me in when my parents got in a car accident. She tells me to call her mom.  

In my case I work at Roquefield Towers as a receptionist from 1:30-5:00. 

If I ever want to buy anything I have to pay for it. Including food, any food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. 

I walk to the Checkout Line, four people in front of me. I wait. When it's my turn, five men/guys in black clothing and black ski-masks walk in with guns aimed all directions.

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xlydiaxc xlydiaxc May 28
This is at the moment my fave line in the book, I love the character
Little_British_Child Little_British_Child Nov 14, 2017
Ayyye KY fam that's a hella great movie. Not scary in the slightest
@Forever_A_Mad_Hatter curly hair is amazing though, like yeah it's hard to control but you always have those days where you hair just looks sssssoooooo good. Also volume- need I say more. And when your hair gets wet it still looks cute not like a drowning rat
EDub5522 EDub5522 Apr 29
I just want to put it out thr that u metioned Pretty Little Liars in ur story and then enede ur a/n with -A. Anybody else making a connection?
kayloubuz kayloubuz Apr 06
I feel like I’ve been let into an inside joke I’m irrationally happy
mythologyhoe mythologyhoe Aug 24, 2017
Srsly it's the fourth time I've found my name spelt like mine in the past 2 days