Chapter Six

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I walk into Luke's room to ask what kind of attire would be appropriate. I knock first, of course.

"Helen, I don't want dinner. Or a snack. In fact I have a date tonight." Luke yells through the door.

I take that as a 'Come in!' And walk into his room.

"I told you-" He stops as he looks up. "Oh hi, Minty. Is it seven already? Oh, maybe we'll have to put it off until seven-thirty-" He starts rambling and racing around his room to look for clothes.

"No, no. Its only five o'clock. I was just wondering how should I dress? Fancy, casual, warm, cool?" I cut him off.

"Uhm," he thinks for a minute. "Fancy will be perfect." He flashes his pearly whites my way.

I nod my thanks and walk out.

I shower and blow dry my hair. Then I go to my closet, looking for a good outfit to wear. I decide on a lilac purple sleeveless bustier crop top, a high-waisted dark to light yellow hi-low skirt that shows off my long tan legs and a black belt around my ribs. I slip on black pumps, grab a pleather black clutch and put my phone, money, lip gloss, lipstick and oil blotting sheets. But first I sit in front of my floor length mirrior to do my makeup. I put on light foundation, liquid eyeliner and nude lipstick. I grab my clutch and walk to the foyer. I sit on one of the couches and check Twitter for funny tweets. The doorbell rings, making me jump. I look out the window that's next to the door and see Luke standing there with a cheesy smile on his face. I open the door, and he holds out a white rose.

"How'd you know these are my favorite flowers?" I ask, smiling and taking the rose out of his hand.

"I may have done research." He winks.

I look at his outfit, a blue with thin black stripes button up and black dress pants. Wow, he can pull it off nicely. Props to him.

"Take a picture it'll last longer." He laughs.

"Don't try to play it off cool, I saw you checkin' me out when I first opened the door." I point out.

"Okay, okay." He loops his arm through mine and leads me to a shiny silver Volvo.

We get into the shiny car, and he starts it then drives.

"So where are you taking me?" I ask.

"A forest to MURDER YOU!" He yells.

I scream and try to open the door, which is kind of a struggle since I'm rushing and can't focus.

He laughs, telling me he was kidding. Just as we pull into an expensive Italian restaurant. We go to a table (which he reserved). The waiter takes our drink orders. We get our drinks, and he takes our food orders telling us that our food will be out soon.

"20 questions?" He asks.

"Sure, you ask first." I smile.

"What happened to your real parents?"


"Is that allowed?"

"Yes. Where do you go during dinner?"

The food comes so we pause to eat. Then I re-ask the question.

"Pass. What's your favorite color?"

"Mint. The first night I was here why'd you go off on Helen?"

"Trouble in paradise. Ever been in love before?"

I freeze.


"Just be home by 1:30." Mom smiles.

"Will do." James laughs.

James loops his arm through mine and walks me to his black Toyota truck. We always get into fights over Toyota and Ford, all jokes though.

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