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Dangerous Minds (Diabolik Lovers Fanfic.)

Dangerous Minds (Diabolik Lovers Fanfic.)

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VampirePrincess556 By VampirePrincess556 Updated Feb 14

A young girl suffers from memory lose as a child and doesn't remember her parents, her own name, nor age for many reasons. It all started when she was in a strange deadly car crash at the age of 4! When she awoken inside a nearby hospital the doctors recalled to her that she had a terrible case of "Amnesia". 
  She was devastated, but learned to sorta live through it though she was bullied and picked on at school by kids about it, they all called her "The Lost Child" and "No-Name". For weeks they teased her by the names. The girl was soon adopted by a man & a women named Yuki and Kinta Sukiyaki. They both took her as their own child and raised her, they then named her Richiumu Suno which meant "Lithium Snow". 
  After receiving a new name she was happy. They taught her many things about herself which she didn't know to well. After that she was trained to be a Vampire Hunter.  3 years later they died suddenly. Lithium didn't know the cause of their deaths, but was soon sent back to the Orphanage that raised her, there she meets her best friend Edgar and new friends Kou, Azusa, and their leader Ruki Mukami.
  After 6 years later she is sent off to a Mansion that belonged to the powerful Sakamaki family. What is in store for this child? and How will she react when she finds out the house belongs to Vampires?

jouliechan jouliechan Jan 21, 2016
Whenever I see that name I always remember the anime amnesia
secret_amour secret_amour Sep 26, 2014
Crossovergirl Crossovergirl Sep 23, 2014
Maybe like yui or by getting in another crash or something that gets her memory back piece by piece
VampirePrincess556 VampirePrincess556 Sep 23, 2014
@Crossovergirl thanks you have any ideas on how she could get her memory back?
VampirePrincess556 VampirePrincess556 Sep 21, 2014
Haha oh you well, she's going to met a very special friend *Grins Evilly * >:-)
AbbieWriter AbbieWriter Sep 13, 2014
Please continue with this, it sound's amazing and intresting:)