Percy joins the hunt

Percy joins the hunt

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castlemain By castlemain Updated Feb 23, 2016

I kind of don't like how I did the first one so I doing another one as well

Percy pov

I was fighting at the old Mt Olympus next to the rest of the Gods and Campers to bring down Geae and the Giants. I was slashing through hellhounds and empoasi. I was back to back with the Goddess of the moon. we were being surrounded by Cyclops and Hellhonds. She pulled out her Dual Hunting Knives while I was wielding riptide. We looked at each other and nodded and charged at the same time. I flipped over a hellhound stabbing a Cyclops in the eye causing it to roar in pain before turning to dust. but once I land I rolled away from a club only to see a hunting knife sporting out of its chest. I turn and slashed a hellhound in half. I kicked a hellhound away from me and stabbed one in the snout. I turn to see Artemis engaged in a fight with Gration. I ran to help her only to see Earthborns in front of me. I began to hack and slash each one in front of me I saw a flash of auburn pass me and create a cr...

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GanqOP GanqOP Jun 02, 2017
Is he a pirate. Like I get he's the god of the sea but ummmm
ErisiaJade94 ErisiaJade94 Mar 13, 2017
YYEEEESSSS!!!!!! WILL IS ELIMINATED!!!! one down one thousand more to go and Nico is MINE.
That-Dam-Shippper45 That-Dam-Shippper45 Aug 02, 2016
That's child abuse!!😂😂 He's only seventeen, right?!?😅😅
lelitsme123 lelitsme123 Jan 08, 2017 says Apollo took Arty away...and it never said she came back also...why and how is she back so fast?
TacticalNewt TacticalNewt Dec 07, 2016
Wouldn't that make Percy immortal, because he is his own cabin leader