Percy joins the hunt

Percy joins the hunt

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castlemain By castlemain Updated Feb 23

I kind of don't like how I did the first one so I doing another one as well

Percy pov

I was fighting at the old Mt Olympus next to the rest of the Gods and Campers to bring down Geae and the Giants. I was slashing through hellhounds and empoasi. I was back to back with the Goddess of the moon. we were being surrounded by Cyclops and Hellhonds. She pulled out her Dual Hunting Knives while I was wielding riptide. We looked at each other and nodded and charged at the same time. I flipped over a hellhound stabbing a Cyclops in the eye causing it to roar in pain before turning to dust. but once I land I rolled away from a club only to see a hunting knife sporting out of its chest. I turn and slashed a hellhound in half. I kicked a hellhound away from me and stabbed one in the snout. I turn to see Artemis engaged in a fight with Gration. I ran to help her only to see Earthborns in front of me. I began to hack and slash each one in front of me I saw a flash of auburn pass me and create a cr...

That's child abuse!!😂😂 He's only seventeen, right?!?😅😅
TacticalNewt TacticalNewt 14 hours ago
Wouldn't that make Percy immortal, because he is his own cabin leader
SashEG SashEG Jan 20
I can imagine Percy doing pirouettes across the war ground and killing Gaea and King of the Giants I can't spell his name
HadesRules HadesRules Aug 21, 2015
I laughed so hard that I fell off my bed and woke up my family. I don't regret nothing!! XD