✅Pertemis A Wolf's Tale

✅Pertemis A Wolf's Tale

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Blood & Rose By Adaminus_de_Laserose Completed

A story of a half demon-half God tries to seek happiness and acceptance. His fear of being left alone, his care for a girl where he thinks would be impossible to win her heart. In the darkness of his soul, that goddess guide him to the light.

A story of a goddess winning over her pride and prejudice, her initial intuitions. A tale where an oath being held, where her concealed heart trigger to burn. 

It's a tale not about a love from outside, but the love of bloodline, a taboo for the goddess and mortals. It's where family drama, hatred and vengeance they all seek to pay, all seek to protect. It's the tale of a spectacular love story, of a love that being thought would never form, an impossible love. 

The uniqueness of the story will open up your judgement of Pertemis. It will pull you out from the desperation of cliché. It will show you a new story of Pertemis that you have never seen before!

From the creator of the Pertemis series bring out the new book Pertemis: A Wolf's Tale. 

Interesting? Let's turn the page!

✅ completed 👌

That isn't true because I don't think you would pay the thousands of dollars just to copyright an ebook that won't ever get published