Not So Fast, Mr. Billionaire [PUBLISHED]

Not So Fast, Mr. Billionaire [PUBLISHED]

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Hadley Novak. A woman who is insecure about her entire life. She hates herself. She can't even stand herself. She finds herself completely useless. Why? Because her mother said so. But one day she meets Xavier Rodriguez. The Billionaire. Will Hadley accept him? Or hate him and herself forever? 

Xavier Rodriguez. A man who owns one of the most successful business in America. While Xavier tries to contain his business, he meets Hadley. The one girl Xavier ever liked. Xavier has always been busy with all this work, that he never had time to look at any woman. But when he confronts Hadley, she does something that shocked the living hell out of him. She rejected him. Will he chase after her? Hate her? Like her more? What will he do?

[WARNING: Contains a lot of grammatical errors. So read at own risk. You have been warned.]

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Cherry_blossom2 Cherry_blossom2 Dec 26, 2016
I have a feeling Sarina will be a problem for her further on in this book......
Cherry_blossom2 Cherry_blossom2 Dec 26, 2016
Some punches would've been thrown in the mist of it all if that was me. But I would've let him stay. Go ahead and have fun with her, STD and all.......
Diamoneke Diamoneke Nov 13, 2016
Well bîtch go find something and throw it at her fûcking head ...TF😕 how you cuss everyone else out and not fight your twin ..,got me fûcked up lol
Lauren_lilac Lauren_lilac Dec 24, 2016
Pretend smiles😊😔 btdt when company around a hoax 
                              But gotten better
Forever__Bands Forever__Bands Dec 21, 2016
And that is how I felt since I was old enough to know what love means
Cherry_blossom2 Cherry_blossom2 Dec 26, 2016
And that is why I don't trust people and I leave off a bit of a b*tchy look. I'm really nice when you get to know me but I don't give that off from the jump. People tend to take advantage of nice people.