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Shades of You & I (An Interracial Romance)

Shades of You & I (An Interracial Romance)

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DreamOutLoud23 By DreamOutLoud23 Completed

"I'm sorry Asia, but I will never accept you and I won't allow this relationship. You're too black and he is too white. End of discussion."

The one line that changed Hunter and I's relationship forever.

Tay_Leee Tay_Leee Sep 03, 2016
Yes because She is black your suppose to be scared and because She is also a savage honey 
                              So don't mess with a girl who is black and who is a savage 
                              Because she is  not afraid to fúçk yo śhït up 
                              Thank you😘
                              I'm am not ghetto or ratchet at all in real life, I'm just nice 😁
glampop glampop Nov 11, 2016
Not all guys make friends easily just like not all girls are problematic and gossip alot. Stop stereotyping your own gender.
Iluvstories12 Iluvstories12 Oct 24, 2016
girls are petty and like wayyy too much drama . annoying af 😒
Oh my gosh.... I love this book already (mixed racial relationships... My life, damn my white boy fetish 😂)
Rosaonizuka Rosaonizuka Jan 25
Yeah that's cool and all but don't... Some self control would be good
I just wanna run.
                              Hide it away.
                              Run because they're chasin' me down.
                              I just wanna run.…