Academy Bad Boys

Academy Bad Boys

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Sorry. By MayDreamer1 Updated Jan 03, 2015

Leaf, Dawn, Misty, and May have all been accepted into the Pokemon MD Academy, they are both nobodies and some bodies. 

When the girls are introduced to their guilds for the year; will they find more than just learning?

(Sorry for crappy summary)

DrayOrMrew DrayOrMrew Nov 13
Ash you r gonna suffer some serious brain damage from a famous mallet
polkadotpop polkadotpop May 17
Who do you think you are? Running round leaving scars 
                              (Sorry Just had to put that there.)
magnificentmisty magnificentmisty 7 days ago
I am a girl and I do agree with Paul in this case I mean come on dawn toughen up!
Autocorrect doesn't like being hated anymore so it's trying to make people laugh
I was reading another fan fic and one of the lines went like this 
                              "May,Misty,Leaf and Dawn...pretty scary huh? Get them mad and you've pretty much accepted death..."
AtlanticNote AtlanticNote Oct 15, 2015
Yep Dawn your going to have to understand that your name shall be always troublesome. XD