Pixel - - A Cube SMP Fanfiction

Pixel - - A Cube SMP Fanfiction

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“Pixel is the ultimate project, and now it’s finished. Once it is released to the public, it will revolutionize the world of gaming. Nothing will ever be the same.”


It took the scientists of the world twenty years to perfect the art of virtualization. Now, with it finally complete, it is ready to release to gamers all over the world.

Introducing Pixel, the program that can literally send you into the game itself.

Upon its worldwide debut, only a few select groups of gamers are chosen to receive the first few servers. One group is the members of the Cube, seeking a new experience for both themselves and their fans on YouTube.

They go in expecting to film a simple episode.

What they don’t expect is the inability to get back to the real world.

Trapped within Minecraft with only each other and their survival knowledge, the Cube YouTubers seek a way home. Among the chaos, they run into a mysterious girl, the only other human in the game. She can’t remember a thing about herself or her past… but she knows everything about virtualization and how it works.

But it turns out virtualization comes at a price that none of them imagined.

Welcome to Pixel.

1st Place - Most Shocking Ending - CubeFicAwards (3/1/15)
Tied for 1st Place - Best Writing - CubeFicAwards (3/1/15)

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