The Lunatic Mafia Got Me Pregnant 18+

The Lunatic Mafia Got Me Pregnant 18+

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Butterflylover By hana97100 Updated Aug 05

The first "upper-class" party that Glitter decided to attend to will change her world forever. The handsome devil took her breath away once she lay her eyes on him and once he saw her he knew she was his angel. Glitter's handsome devil isn't just a regular player like her ex-boyfriend who dumped her because she refused to sleep with him. Her handsome devil is a "Mafia Boss" in North America! Even after finding out the truth from her friend, Ana she still decided to stay by his side. It's already too late to turn back now because she have fall for Sebastiano Giovanni.                 

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Warning: Sexual content (RATED-R) Contains sex-scenes and strong language    Thank you for being interested

She should buy a corvette and a Camero then ship it to my address
mandi_m94 mandi_m94 Jun 20, 2016
I've always wanted to help edit a book! Let me know if you still want help. :)
I know that English isn't your first language so I thought I'd tell you that you should replace those with that to make it proper grammar ( just thought you'd like to know)😘😄
LawvlyBB LawvlyBB Jan 30, 2016
Okay i know the classes of income but damn shes using it like its a club. "Join the upper class- qualifications: income must be over 6 figures."
xXhareehhXx xXhareehhXx May 03, 2016
true . but sadly some of them are gays . . what a sad story .
VamptownGirl VamptownGirl May 30, 2016
She's so like me! But if a hot guy approaches me I'll be like "Who paid you?" 😂 I'm that cautious 😝