I Was Her First

I Was Her First

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Sophie By sophierob Updated Oct 29, 2015

26 year old Alpha Nolan Parker has staked his claim on 18 year old Jane Robinson since before she could walk. 

Now that she's of age he plans on letting her know of intentions.

Jane Robinson, that shy girl that sits in the library unaware of the beauty that is so obvious to others. When her Alpha stakes his claim on her, she is more than surprised.

  • alpha
  • innocent
  • jane
  • mate
  • nolan
  • quiet
  • romance
  • shy
  • werewolf
woooooooooooooow woooooooooooooow Dec 24, 2017
of coarse she doesnt know shes beautiful! but she is ! for once can they be ugly
yellllowissh yellllowissh May 04, 2017
Lol I pictured Nolan from anger management talking and it was weird as hell
102dean20 102dean20 Apr 17, 2017
Slow down papi damn you make a move on her quicker than me with some cheese cake.
laureney2579 laureney2579 May 16, 2017
I literally just finished that book. I'm watching the movie now
sinfultruth sinfultruth Oct 30, 2016
I don't know why but when it said 'smash' my mind is imagining cymbals smashing together
txmtam txmtam Jul 17, 2016
Bruh, dude, man,
                              IMMA GONNA SNITH SLAP YOU
                              Calm ya chill
                              Don't go all boner on us
                              *does Miranda Sings impression*
                              Cuz no one likes a boner