A Bleachers Boy Perspective (BoyxBoy)

A Bleachers Boy Perspective (BoyxBoy)

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5upernatura1 By 5upernatura1 Updated Nov 24, 2016

My dad is the football coach of Elwood High. He has won every single game for every year he has worked there. He's muscular, intelligent,and popular. He had everything.

Then, well then he had me.

I was supposed to be the kid with the skills to match his. Maybe even exceed his own.

But I am the last person you would find outside on the field. Or any game if I am being honest.  So to say the least I'm a disappointment to my father. So much, I don't even think he thinks as me as his child. He is always throwing these subtle hints my way about how I'm too thin or how much he would love to have more players on the team.

I would play sports if I could-believe me. But I'm just not into athletics like my father wants me to be. Plus, I have this odd tendency to screw up everything I touch.

Which is how I got into this mess to begin with. It started when I spilled coffee all over the football quarterback-Derek Williams. He's a nice guy-for a football player. But I absolutely hate him with every fiber of my being. If there was one thing my father wanted from his son-well it would be all of him. He's athletic, smart, good looking, and funny.

You don't get much better than that. And my father tells me. Everyday. 
But here comes another problem. I'm gay and my father doesn't know.  He would probably hate me, or blame my non-athleticism on some stupid stereotype on my sexuality. 

No, hiding this from my dad was never really issue. I was good at keeping secrets, probably better than I should have been. The issue you may ask?

Well his name was Derek. The very guy I resented, just so happened to have his own dirty little secret.

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drayisbae_ drayisbae_ Jul 08, 2017
If he tried 2 take my favorite shirt, well...let me tell you it wouldn't be pretty that's 4 sure
- - May 02, 2017
the irony of this whole situation. giggle giggle, shove shove. 😏😏
planet0 planet0 May 13
I like how even though his dad has this abusive demeanor, he’s not actually abusive and they have a great relationship.
Rainbow_RavenX3 Rainbow_RavenX3 May 16, 2017
Ah yes, Core. The embodiment of the devil summed up in a teaching stragedy textbook
just_4_reads just_4_reads Nov 22, 2017
I think i need to read more about him...like maybe in chapter 10?
planet0 planet0 May 13
That’s the biggest bs thing I’ve ever read. A mile takes up to at least 13 minutes. You would have to be sprinting usain bolt speed the entire time in order to even scratch 5 minutes.