Falling For An Inmate(ON HOLD)

Falling For An Inmate(ON HOLD)

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Ana By TheGatsbyEffect Updated May 26, 2016

Prison. Why does one get sent to prison? To be corrected.
Who gets sent to prison? Surely not sixteen year olds.

Carter Reynolds' childhood ended the second the gavel hit the sound block. Or maybe it ended when the police found him standing over a dead body, drenched in blood. It might even have been before that. When he connected his fist with a face that left a broken jaw in its wake. Either way, it was over. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He accepted his fate, only promising himself to never care for anyone so intensely again.

Almost three years into his sentence, Arya Crawford walks through the wrought iron prison gates. A self proclaimed miniature philanthropist with a heart of gold, a law abiding student with an urge to always have fun, an eighteen year old with a silent cause. She had taken up an internship at the New York State Penitentiary.

Why was she interning at a prison? To connect with the inmates.

She talked to the inmates. Understood them. Connected with them. But with one particular inmate, the connection went a little deeper than what she had originally planned.

In time, Carter and Arya both realize something.

She had broken the first rule instructed by the warden. She had fallen for an inmate. Which meant she couldn't stay.

He had broken the promise he made to himself. He had started to care for her. Which meant he couldn't let her leave.

But it's a little difficult to make that happen when you're stuck in a closet sized cell. And waiting twenty-two years is out of the question.

Wonder what's stronger, correction or the connection.

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MariaJoWrites MariaJoWrites Nov 24, 2017
As a really big fan of Prison Break, I can already say that I'm going to like the Carter-parts of the story best. 🤓
igglewiggle igglewiggle May 31, 2016
is it really a coincidence that this could be similar to convicted love... 
                              love that book...and im not mad about reading another with a similar plot? but hope theres not too many coincidences cause thats not nice is it
Sears13 Sears13 Jun 06, 2016
I don't understand why people are all like 'ew, no, why' I happen to like carter. Good choice
sbwrites sbwrites Feb 27, 2017
This sounds soooo much like Prison Break but I don't mind because I'm picturing Wentworth Miller ❤❤
deareveryone deareveryone Jan 30, 2016
cuddlelynch cuddlelynch Aug 06, 2016
Even after all those books with 100 million reads this one is my favorite