Mr. Player Meets the Geek (Re-writing)

Mr. Player Meets the Geek (Re-writing)

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Jessi Alexander By JessiAlexander Updated Dec 30, 2014

 Hey hey hey. Jess here. This is my new book and i had alot of fun writing this part. If you like it comment



and i'll keep workin' on it.

Peace love and pasta. (sorry i'm just really hungry) 



(Jax's Pov)

I swaggered my way down the hall, feeling everyones eye's following me. I smirked and leaned against this week's girl locker. I crossed my legs over each other and crossed my arms stretching my leather jacket.

"Jaxxy," A high pitched girl's voice squeaked.

I winced at the name and flung my arm around her shoulder. I plastered a fake smile on my face. She pushed her chest against my side and bit her lip, trying to look seductive. Trying, not succeding.

"Hey baby," I said, what was her name again?

She giggled, and dragged me over to her cheerleading friends. I raked my eyes over the cheerleaders, and watched each of the girls blush.

I smirked, pleased with the effect I had on t...

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ThatOneSheep ThatOneSheep Jun 15, 2015
Am I the only one who LMAO at this because the guy got pushed again and fell
CrazyBunchkin CrazyBunchkin Apr 21, 2013
three things i love about this book so far 1. your writing. 2. the car choice amazing car right there and 3. Douglas Booth *dreamy sigh* :)
Rawrrr_Its_Mona Rawrrr_Its_Mona Oct 13, 2012
How dare you quit now! Your better than me.. WRITE MORE PLEASE