The Nerd Is A Player ✔

The Nerd Is A Player ✔

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"First one to fall in love, loses their title."


Tia Frederick, she is beautiful, seductive and is famous for being, 'Miss Player'.

When Tia and her older brother Alex move to Australia, she became a student at West Midlands College. In about a week, she achieves her former title. The title she is proud of upholding, and the title she'll never lose. 

However the moment Tia met Logan Sutherland - the 'Nerd', it's an immediate hate relationship between him and her. Though the matter became worse once she learnt that the 'Nerd' is also West Midland's handsome 'Player'. 

Sick of her arrogant attitude, Logan challenges the gorgeous Tia - the first one to fall in love with the opponent, loses their precious title. 

The dead line is New Year's Eve. Therefore in that time, 

Can Logan change the heart of the notorious Miss. Player?


Warning: There are errors, here and there. Enter at YOUR own risk

Cover - [Moonxriver]

casual_psycho casual_psycho Jun 23, 2016
Ummmmm............she Isn't gonna be like this the whole book right 😁.........
kissing_the_rain kissing_the_rain Dec 22, 2016
You gotta love Chace Crawford - I almost typed Nate Archibald there :)
casual_psycho casual_psycho Jun 23, 2016
Awww don't do anything to poor innocent thing you know Ian is actually into the kinky shît 😂
LUVCHU23 LUVCHU23 Jun 05, 2016
Bitch u aint no player u a HOE!!! IMA CALL THE PO PO'S ON U HOE HOE!!
summersplash summersplash Jun 14, 2014
I found the title quite interesting I just got too excited right now!