Undeniable Attraction (Under Reconstruction)

Undeniable Attraction (Under Reconstruction)

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Undefineddd_ By Undefineddd_ Updated Jan 02, 2016

"I'm soaking wet, and you made that happen." I trailed my hand down his chest and reached into my shorts and touch my soaking p***y and pulled it out.

I waved my finger in front of his face showing his the evidence. He grabbed my hand, stopping my movement. He looked me dead in eyes and stuck my finger in his mouth; he closed his eyes sucking my finger clean. 

Well damn. That was hot.

He slowly took my finger out, his jaw clinching. And what he said, hit me right to my aching core. "You taste so fucking good. I could eat you all day long and still never get enough." He said huskily. "Let me... fuck your taste is lingering in my mouth... so fucking delicious. I need... more." He dropped to his knees in front of me.

Well shit just got real. 


Mia Patterson, daughter of the Alpha, and only child. She had almost everything she ever wanted, except one major thing she dreamed of since she was just a child. Her mate. He would become the Alpha instead and she'd be the Luna.

So like a man women, she went searching for him. She moved in with her crazy Aunt in Oregon, where she would finish the rest of her senior year at Prairie High School. 

She runs into trouble, but that trouble brought her right to her mate. But another problem accrued.

He's human.

Landon Mason, he had a dark past. He only trusted one person. He was cold, mean, and heartless. He didn't care about anyone or anything but himself and his best friend Luke Hanson. People were afraid of him. Hell even the teachers were afraid of him.

If he's not hanging out with Luke, who keeps him slightly under control. He's out looking for trouble.

Until one dark night he hears screams coming from the ally, stumbling upon a helpless beauty who he suddenly feels the need to protect from everything bad. And he couldn't be more confused.


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smokin2k14 smokin2k14 Sep 14, 2016
Finally found a book where the girl's the werewolf and the guy's the human