Lucky Guess: A Sevton Story

Lucky Guess: A Sevton Story

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Routhwick By Routhwick Updated Aug 18, 2012


An old jet liner flew directly above the city of Trouvaille, Rogatia--on a quiet Tuesday morning. Everyone watched as a strange package floated away in its wake...but for Diane, a primary-school underperformer, the obsession has just begun. Could this finally be the treasure she's waited for? The search for answers takes her to the *Ambassade Belgique*, and towards something even more fascinating, an opportunity for untold riches in a high-stakes trivia competition that is taking the Caribbean by storm.

Diane is caught up in this ongoing frenzy--along with two friends of hers: Norissa, the smart girl and news buff, and the ever-enigmatic Roberta. They'll do anything to rescue an important cache of missing artwork--before it crumbles away and goes into the wrong hands.

From Reginald Routhwick comes the first installment of a multi-part chlidren's mystery, a tale of dreamers and schemers, winners and losers--and the pawns that stumble in between. Experience life in the you've never read it before.

(Licenses: CC-BY / FAL 1.3. Waivers: Kopimi / Copyheart)

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