Angels of Death (Zack x Reader) (Rated M) by outcastatlast
Angels of Death (Zack x Reader) ( Lala
THERE EVENTUALLY WILL BE A LEMON SO STAY TUNED ....... You had no clue how you ended up here. You remembered everything fr...
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  • rachel
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More Than An Angel Of Death (Zack x Reader) by DumbaxxLover
More Than An Angel Of Death ( ✿Jade✿
‟Everyone is in here for a reason..." You woke up in a cold, dark room after a peculiar dream... You don't know how the hell you got there... But you DO know to get...
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • foster
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Two Killers and a Rachel (Zack Foster x reader) by _holy-water-needed_
Two Killers and a Rachel (Zack _holy-water-needed_
What will happen when Zack meets (Y/n)? "You're just some fucking kid." she said eyeing me up and down. "You won't last a freaking day in here." she...
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UNLIKELY LOVE [tratie]  by neonblacck
UNLIKELY LOVE [tratie] by f ™
This is the story of Katie Gardner daughter of Demeter and Travis Stoll son of Hermes. How their love grew and how they started out as enemies but ended up falling for e...
  • prankster
  • percyjackson
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Angels of Death x Reader (Oneshots and Scenarios) by LilLadieee
Angels of Death x Reader ( LilLadieee
X Reader oneshots and scenarios for the RPG/Anime/Manga Angles of death or Satsuriku no Tenshi. Requests are closed! Try to avoid lemons because I may or may not do them!
  • satsuten
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Killers (Zack Foster x reader) by _holy-water-needed_
Killers (Zack Foster x reader)by _holy-water-needed_
What will happen when (Y/n) (L/n) is a criminal on the run? Wanted for both murder and stolen property. But soon the heartbroken girl finds her own little killer. What w...
  • rachel
  • lime
  • kissing
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into the night [cazzie] by lovelikethis
into the night [cazzie]by caroline
Casey Gardner had life figured out. She had a great boyfriend, a scholarship to the nicest school in the state, and a dysfunctional but, in the end of the day, supportiv...
  • gay
  • lgbtqia
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A Way Out: A Zack x Reader Fanfic by OrocadaSmith98
A Way Out: A Zack x Reader Fanficby Orocada Smith
After Zack and Rachel escaped the building filled with insane and sadistic people, they somehow got knocked out and got into ANOTHER torturing building with more floors...
  • foster
  • violence
  • gardner
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-RDJ ONE SHOTS- BOOK TWO- by -RRomanoff-
-RDJ ONE SHOTS- BOOK TWO-by ▶Natasha Romanoff◀
A 2nd part for my RDJ one shots book. Enjoy. REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN.
  • gardner
  • nathan
  • rdj
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Travis Stoll and the gardener - Katie Gardner and the idiot by nailsnhairlove
Travis Stoll and the gardener - nailsnhairlove
Tratie fan fiction! Travis Stoll and Katie Gardner. This is probably going to be a super cheesy story, but everyone needs a little Tratie in their lives! Lol and I don't...
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I Promise [Zack X Reader][Angels of Death/Satsuriku no Tenshi][MATURE] by Luna_Nebulae
I Promise [Zack X Reader][Angels Luna_Nebulae
YES THERE WILL BE A LEMON/SEX SCENE smh just read the rest of this description first [and yes, I will update this fairly regularly until it's finished] --- "Sure. I...
  • isaacfoster
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  • danieldickens
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zaray (Zack X Rachel) kidnapped by Iloveanimetothesoul
zaray (Zack X Rachel) kidnappedby anime forever my reality
just to say now this one will have smut in it from some people's request and I don't mind so here goes this story😍😊😁 Rachel has a basic normal life however can't real...
  • gardner
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Aspen | Sherman Yang by raspberryfanfics
Aspen | Sherman Yangby A N N🕯E
"Love is overrated." "No it isn't." Fierce bronze eyes that seemed to have through years of melting and moulding burned into him without hesitation...
  • tratie
  • sherman
  • gardner
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✔️ Before It Dies | Tratie  by raspberryfanfics
✔️ Before It Dies | Tratie by A N N🕯E
[Highest Ranking #1 in Tratie] "You don't love me." Her voice shook, and tears were staining her shirt. "I do love you Katie." I managed to choke out...
  • frankzhang
  • love
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Oreo Love (Tratie Fanfiction) by apollo17
Oreo Love (Tratie Fanfiction)by apollo17
Katie Gardner and Travis Stoll have always been at each others throat until a little game causes them to get together..will they find true love or will it be another hea...
  • jackson
  • enemies
  • tratie
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The Angels of Madness - Un recueil de Drabble Angel of Death/Satsuriku no Tenshi by AliceHNightmare
The Angels of Madness - Un AliceHNightmare
Plusieurs Drabble sur l'univers de Angel of Death et notamment la relation de Zack et Ray. PS: Je m'excuse d'avance pour les fautes que vous risquez de rencontrer... Ma...
  • zack
  • drabble
  • gardner
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The gardener next door by lexliestories
The gardener next doorby Mrs. J-Hope
Would you like to be his hoes 😏 *warning some sense maybe to tense for other and read at your own risk.* Enjoy. 💜
  • loveyourself
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Colorful Language | Isaac Foster x Reader | by jokadesu
Colorful Language | Isaac Foster huehue
As Rachel and Zack escaped the facility, They headed to another City. A city filled with insane people. who knew they would get involve in another twist. A familiar p...
  • game
  • angelofdeath
  • rpggame
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•Blood Lust• || Angels of Death ||  Zack / Isaac Foster by MiladyNocturnal
•Blood Lust• || Angels of Death || ꧁ MiNo-chan ꧂
"Definition of 'Blood Lust': 1.) An uncontrollable desire to kill, or see others be killed. 2.) A lust and/or craving for blood; A desire to see, feel, or even tas...
  • isaacfosterxreader
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Love and War- Tratie by Magicstra
Love and War- Tratieby Magicstra
Katie has always had a secret crush on Travis. Travis has always had a secret crush on Katie. So when Aphrodite interferes, will their love become more than just a cru...
  • stoll
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