The Ephemeral (Book 1: Breeder)

The Ephemeral (Book 1: Breeder)

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Erica Gallegos By gtgrandom Completed

/COMPLETED/.  She's an outcast cursed to consume the memories of anything she touches.  A woman fated to repopulate the nation's army.  A breeder barred from the sword.  

And she's desperate for a taste of freedom.

So when a tournament is held to recruit the army's best candidates, Alex Kingsley does what she does best: she intervenes.  But it's only after dark forces are unleashed upon humanity that Alex finally has the chance to prove herself -- and put her curse to good use.

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"Just wow. I was crying, shaking, screaming, and just getting so emotional in a way I haven't in a long time. I was rooting for the characters and loving them, and I just fell so helplessly in love with this book." @MissyFloral13

"One of the reasons why I see this story as a very intelligent plot is that, unlike other paranormal, supernatural, magical fantasy tales, the story does not centre around good and evil. It is not only about the bad guys trying to take over and the good guys stopping them....This is not the work of an amateur..."  @Karimajere

Completed October 2019.