Catch Me If You Can // Hiccup X OC

Catch Me If You Can // Hiccup X OC

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"Right now, I don't know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge."

"Can I pick?"

Hiccup is now chief of Berk after the passing of his father, Stoick the Vast, one year ago.  Astrid and Hiccup split up due to a loss of feelings but still remain friends.  One early morning, as Hiccup is making his way around the town square, a mysterious figure donned with a dirty, brown cloak rushes pass him.  It has been calm and uneventful since the defeat of Drago Bludvist, and the chance of an adventure entices Hiccup to follow.  Could this adventure be more than Hiccup can bargain for?

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