I am powerful. I am strong. I am fire.  
Rose Everett never intended to be destructive, it just sort of happened. She never knew why she was chosen to be the fire elemental, why she had to be different, and how would she ever find out. If it wasn't for the fact that her powers killed her family, maybe she would know the answers. For no one knows how long, she was afraid of her burning touch. She tried to stay away from physical contact. But, naturally, she eventually started longing for it, especially when her stunning mate comes into the picture.

PotterXbvtch PotterXbvtch Sep 22, 2016
Wait. Wouldn't water be the most powerful element. Water entigushes fire
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Sep 17, 2016
For those of you five year olds out there, this is an unplanned science lesson.
ZinniaAble ZinniaAble Nov 10, 2016
Earth. Wind. Fire and air. We may look bad but we don't care!
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Sep 17, 2016
When I was little, my brother cut off my bangs, and I got him back by giving him three  bald spots, which he had for three years.
mayajj1 mayajj1 Nov 25, 2016
Reason why I read so many books lol I like being in another world
firewolve firewolve Feb 26
I think science is the best subject then art is the next best one