Until Caleb by BlissfulFlame
Until Calebby Bliss
Mates. Every wolf has one. Some do not want a mate and some do want a mate. At least, Lana Silver didn't want a mate. That was until Caleb.
  • luna
  • werewolf
  • alphasmate
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My Mate; The MoonGoddess's Daughter by 0Sky_Dragon0
My Mate; The MoonGoddess's Daughterby FLAMES
She's the strongest girl in the world. Her brothers are the strongest men in the world. Her mother is worshipped by werewolves of all kind. Her father is feared by ever...
  • werewolf
  • brothers
  • moongoddess
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Chanceby Ayla-Jade Scurrah
"It's time for a woman to sit on the throne." When a prophet comes before the Melbourne City Alpha with tidings of war - werewolves vs. vampires - the world a...
  • beta
  • adventure
  • badassreads
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Hiding from my Mate (COMPLETED) by alw_13
Hiding from my Mate (COMPLETED)by Lou
When your mate is an Alpha and you're the rogue that causes all the trouble, you can't exactly go up to him and say "How's it going big guy! Even though I've been c...
  • hate
  • alphasdaughter
  • werewolf
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Young mate~~ DISCONTINUED  by Amor-lura
Young mate~~ DISCONTINUED by Hoe for J.B
Adley Monroe is the third and youngest baby of the Alpha. When she was born, her two older brothers love her. I mean they still do, but they just abandon her now. When s...
  • wolf
  • youngmate
  • alphasdaughter
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Alpha's Triplets by FaZiKiKaw
Alpha's Tripletsby Faith Kirstyn Kaw
Emerald Harrell, light green eyes, curly brown hair, tan skin, short and wears nerd glasses. She doesn't particularly trust men, her father, abused her and her mother, I...
  • anthonywilliams
  • alpha
  • emeraldherrall
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Alphas daughter by UnknownW225
Alphas daughterby UnknownW225
Ella Reed is the daughter of the powerful, ruthless and controlling Alpha Alexander Reed - and the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. Ella likes to be in control...
  • secrets
  • family
  • youngadult
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The Alpha's Obsession by QueenIrishPotato
The Alpha's Obsessionby QueenIrishPotato
Highest Rank: #2 Werewolf Poor Eira! She has lived a simple and normal life until late one night while leaving work she is kidnapped and held hostage. The problem is t...
  • possessivealpha
  • matebond
  • secondchance
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I'm Dying ( A Werewolf Story ) by TheImaginatorCreates
I'm Dying ( A Werewolf Story )by Creator Imaginates
"When things turn out different, dying is the best choice to be free." Catherine lost her wolf Serena when her mate rejected her and mated other she wolf mak...
  • alphasdaughter
  • notyourtypicalwerewolvesstory
  • selfless
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The Rare one by kujobrookie
The Rare oneby Brooke Lynn
Delilah Dawn is the omega. Bullied for her late change, not living up to the expectations of the alpha child, not finding a mate. Gale Liam is her main tormentor. Being...
  • heart
  • packs
  • rogues
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Her Rogue Mate by YouHaveAVoice
Her Rogue Mateby YouHaveAVoice
Perri Liatree's life was perfect. She was the alpha of a large pack's daughter, and she had just turned of age to find her mate. Her family were hosting a ball for her...
  • love
  • mark
  • mate
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Wrong Direction by Jasmine_Romance
Wrong Directionby Jasmine_Romance
I quickly grabbed my books from my locker and trudged down the hallway with my head down. Suddenly, I hit a hard chest, and looked up. "I'm so sorry." I said a...
  • alphasdaughter
  • alphasmate
  • fate
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Children of the Moon by allbookedout
Children of the Moonby allbookedout
Malia Stone, a child of alphas, will meet her match on her eighteenth birthday. However, this broken alpha is not who she envisioned as her other half, nor is he someone...
  • soulmates
  • problems
  • brokenalpha
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Battle for Silence by Cavalier_Spaniel
Battle for Silenceby Cavalier_Spaniel
COMPLETE Emerald Anderson absolutely does not want a mate. Her parents have been pressuring her into visitng other packs to find him. They want her to have the happine...
  • rejection
  • eirenae
  • humans
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My Brother's Best Friend Is My Mate by PrincessMakailia
My Brother's Best Friend Is My Mateby Makailia Uhland
Love Story about werewolf's but your mate is your brother's best friend but that's not all he is read to find out what happens
  • love
  • bestfriends
  • alpha
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Alphas daughter rejected by thepotatoqueen4
Alphas daughter rejectedby King potato
"You know the stories about the alpha who rejected his mate, but she's pregnant? Yeah, I'm the daughter in one of those stories. My mom found my dad, they did the d...
  • alphasdaughter
  • alphafemale
  • streetfighter
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The Alpha's Daughter by FrenchToastWolf
The Alpha's Daughterby Ally Cat
Mate! My wolf screamed at me. Shut up! I growled at her, she had said this the few times we had visited this pond, there was never anyone around, at this moment I was st...
  • princess
  • love
  • mate
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Alpha of the Starlight Pack by internalbliss21
Alpha of the Starlight Packby Tina Marie
A mate who has secrets that she can't seem to connect with. A hope that they will be able to be the couple she always dreamed of. There are many things she doesn't know...
  • blind
  • alpha
  • luna
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Bound by annemarshallofficial
Boundby Anne Marshall
Kindred Souls Trilogy Book 2 Connection have been severed and new ones have been born; Mason, Lykke, and Dylan are on the run. With the untimely death of Lykke's mate, M...
  • hunters
  • wattys2018
  • protective
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The Silver's Saviour by kujobrookie
The Silver's Saviourby Brooke Lynn
*I advise you to read the rare one first since it helps you understand the story but it will work either way* The train could've took her anywhere in the world. Her fate...
  • life
  • rouge
  • home
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