Arranged....What?! 2- You Want Me to....WHAT?!?!?!?!

Arranged....What?! 2- You Want Me to....WHAT?!?!?!?!

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That creepy person in the dark corner that you can't see By marilcat Updated Nov 10, 2016

Getting married is the worst decision that Cody and Jason, the two richest teenagers on the planet,  have ever made, but it’s too late to change that now. 

In this sequel to ‘Arranged…What?!’, more than a year after their lives were forever united, Cody and Jason's lives are going to get even more interesting. They've got a  ‘coming out’ party the Lockheart’s are forcing on Cody who has been invisible from the world her whole life. Aside from this party of the century neither of them want, and its crazy, controlling planner is the approaching of finals and the never-ending task of hating each other, a full time job all in itself. 

But this story won’t just focus on the two not-so-in-love love birds, it also sheds light on the deeply hateful yet comical relationship of their best friends.

  • arguing
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  • hate
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  • love
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  • marriage
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ZeelPatel ZeelPatel Oct 09, 2012
Ya I loved ur books hope u can update soon of not it's fine and again love ur books
EllisMay EllisMay Sep 30, 2012
Check out away in an instant!! Click ony name and fan me or comment
LindyWindy LindyWindy Sep 23, 2012
I loved the first book, and was so thrilled to see the sequal was up!  I'm loving it!  Cody and Rae are awesome!