Marrying You  • + • mt

Marrying You • + • mt

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Rhys By Xiuminbaobao_99 Completed

A story of two teenagers that only hate each other but end up having an arranged marriage together.  How will all of the things end? 

P.S: The story have some grammar problems so please don't mind it and enjoy reading xD

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TheDogeWhisperer101 TheDogeWhisperer101 Jul 09, 2017
My poor Gyeommie how did you ended up being a bad boy 😢😢
bangtannnnnn_ bangtannnnnn_ Dec 03, 2016
Oh how I wish this was all true. I would be like in heaven like literally omggg😍
kwelly10 kwelly10 Dec 24, 2016
Jessica. Ok i dont what to be with mark anymore. Marry me jessica!!!
BathTubHyun BathTubHyun Mar 20, 2016
Wait isn't mark 22 that's a bit weird if he married a 17 year old they're 5 years apart
kittytuan kittytuan Jul 02, 2016
When you do the characters Povs underline them also do small paragraphs  instead of one big one. And put more detail, and make the chapters longer than they are. 
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                              'The Losers Next Door'
                              'My Boyfriend/Trainer'
                              'I Think I'm In Love With You'
- - Apr 10, 2015
yeshhhh jessica is my UB!!!i am so snsd are part of this fanfic