Stay With Me § BWWM JB

Stay With Me § BWWM JB

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•COMPLETED| Part 1 of the Stay With Me Series•

You are about to step foot on a roller coaster ride that you might be on for a while. Throughout the ride you'll find yourself wanting to vomit, but you manage to hold it in. When you see everyone getting off, you realize that the ride is finally over and once your feet hit the ground, you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Then you look into the distance and feel so relieved because you see something not so horrific. The thing you see is what you've been waiting for ever since you got on that hell of a ride. It just might take you some time to actually get there considering there's a huge crowd in your way and it's hard to get through. Hopefully by the time you actually get there, it's what you thought it was going to be. 

Justin's life is that roller coaster. He has gone through so much that he breaks down and loses himself. 

Hopefully he can find his way back from the darkness and be met with light. Then once he's able to do that, let's pray that he can remain happy. 

Hope you enjoy. (:

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AuthorXclassified AuthorXclassified May 14, 2017
tell me i wasn't the only one thinking about fight night HIT IT WITH THE LEFT
QueenKay_La QueenKay_La Nov 22, 2017
                              ^where my limelights at???
imabittooiconic imabittooiconic May 20, 2017
FELL IN LOVE with his bestfriend when she was around HE FELT NOTHING BUT JOYYYYY
littaff littaff Nov 16, 2016
Who fell in love with his best friend. 
                              When she's around he feels nothing but joy.
TheNinjaHoe TheNinjaHoe Oct 01, 2016
Bye bye our dream Justin 😍😍😍
                              Hello 2016 bithy aśs mother fućking cünt bieber *tries to be nice*🙄🙄🙄🙄
LoveLyfe234 LoveLyfe234 Oct 07, 2016
Rude a**. He gave you a hickey most of us would die for. Made you breakfast and is a cuddler. You b*tch