sang sorenson; an absolute babe

sang sorenson; an absolute babe

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full on legend By healthilyinsane Updated Aug 06

the ghost bird fam are all gen z, so there's no way that they don't have a billion group chats and communicate using memes

so here you go, some top notch banter with the ghost bird crew

(Disclaimer: There is some profanity/swear words within the fic, just because this is the way a few characters - naming no names because we all know who - speak.)


Luke: i think i saw Dr. Green talking to a cat in japanese when he was really sleep deprived because apparently "they know Japanese better than English because they're nekos"

Nathan: What's a neko

Gabriel: it's cat

Victor: Neko is just "cat" in Japanese

Kota: Gabe, you don't even take Japanese, why do you know?

Luke: he had an Anime phase

North: yeah that sounds about right

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