Fury (A How to Train Your Dragon Fanfiction)

Fury (A How to Train Your Dragon Fanfiction)

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Hope "Moose" Williams By hope_forever_18 Updated Feb 18, 2016

Thora is an orphaned Viking girl, to be blunt. When she was only seven, her village was burned to the ground and her parents were both killed. Carrying only a fur cloak and a gemstone necklace that she managed to salvage from the wreckage, she travelled on.


Four years later, she formed an unlikely bond with a dragon; a dragon that's dark as the night itself with bright blue eyes that shine like the moon on the sea.

Nightstar, she named her friend.

Little did the young Thora know just how special her dragon was.

Now, at twenty years old, Thora has been living with her dragon as a nomad, learning the secrets of the world around her, yet still finding her past shrouded in mystery. She doesn't expect anything to change. She'll just travel the world with her beloved dragon and keep doing what she's always been doing. 

Being alone.

After a chance encounter with a village of new people, and a man with a dragon just like hers, her life changes forever. Berk accepts her swiftly, excited to have another Night Fury around, but Thora isn't so sure. She's a loner, how is she supposed to fit in here?

With the threat of a dragon conquerer on the horizon, Thora knows that she'll have to choose where her allegiance lies.

With herself, or with Berk? 

Book One in the Fury Saga

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Cookie_Dough_Lova Cookie_Dough_Lova Mar 31, 2016
Sometimes to avoid offense, I'll say this instead of 'thank god'
51578s 51578s Mar 28, 2016
Oh my gosh I can tell that i will be stuck to this story like glue! If only that movie were true....
Isana-17 Isana-17 Feb 18, 2016
........how I wish dragons could exsist in reality,especially the Night Furies or Skrills
Malcom0704 Malcom0704 Jul 04, 2016
I so so wish they were real. But dogs are like dragons. You treat them right, they well never leave your side. I've only had my dog Dusk for like 2months and she doesn't go 20ft away from me.
- - May 04, 2016
AlphaWaterJay AlphaWaterJay Feb 12, 2016
How old would she be? At first it mentioned it being four years after she meet Nightstar (making her 15) and then it says nine? Not a big deal. Just thought I would let you know. I love this story!! 😄