No Going Back [Bellarke]

No Going Back [Bellarke]

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Katelynn Aukes By kitkat9g Completed

~"You don't need Finn, Clarke. He'll just hurt you the same way he's done time and time again." I nodded, looking down to my feet kicking small rocks around in the dirt. "I know. But he needs me. I can't keep pushing him away, can I?" Bellamy stepped closer, wrapping his arms around my shoulders and pulling me into a hug. "That's what he keeps doing to you. How can you help him if he won't let you in?" I looked up. Bellamy was right, I didn't need Finn and all he did was brush me off and push me away. Something Bellamy had yet to do to me and I wasn't sure he ever would. ~

Clarke's patience with Finn is wearing out and Bellamy is helping her see that. She spends so much time with Bellamy discussing what's best for the hundred, they're becoming close friends. . . Or more than that? What will become of their time together, and what will become of Finn and Clarke's relationship? Read on to find out! 


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SIytherinQueen SIytherinQueen Oct 24, 2015
Sounds great! But I have a question: is this story set on season 1? Because I haven't seen the second one and I don't want to spoil it for myself
Vi_Richard Vi_Richard Feb 10, 2015
*spoiler alert for bethyl and the walking dead fans*
                              when bethyl died, part of me died with it