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My Nerd...My Baby Boy

My Nerd...My Baby Boy

192K Reads 7.2K Votes 21 Part Story
Spartan Prince By Prince_of_hate Completed

Jace is a well known person at his school.                                            
*the jock.                                           
*the captain of the football team                                         *the trouble maker.                        
*the Greek god.                                
 *the bad boy.                                     
*the gay hottie.                                 
*the gay guy with the gay dad.      
*Mr. popular.                                     
Being sent to his dads office again, for the third time since the week started, his eyes landed on the most beautiful boy he had ever layer eyes on.
'He's gonna be mine.'       
Jace put his mind to that but there's a lot he will have to learn about the boy and those things will break jaces heart but he would still fall for the boy of his dreams.

Facebook:Trini x prince

JohnerZulueta JohnerZulueta Aug 06, 2016
You flicked her nose? Whoa dude.. i would get an expulsion if i have those gigantic balls of yours
bikeorhike bikeorhike Mar 13, 2016
OK I have to give some props for going to the office 2 in one day.
LizzyMidford LizzyMidford May 08, 2016
Me when my parents get onto me. Or my friends, or my boyfriend, or anyone, really
Awkward_Silence__ Awkward_Silence__ Mar 06, 2016
Detention???? I hit a guy with his lunch box (his nose did start bleeding) but they wanted to give me a 3 day suspension but I got off the hook 😆😆
ttobbs ttobbs Mar 28, 2016
I choked a dude in 4th grade and I was let off easy because we all agreed that I was just playing. And I choked another dude more than once, kicked him, slapped him, and punched him more than twice.
liliana1468 liliana1468 Dec 21, 2016
That's nothing When I was in the third grade I raped a guy with his own tape box