Falling For The Bad Boy  (BoyxBoy)

Falling For The Bad Boy (BoyxBoy)

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Jace Jackson is a quiet and shy 16 year old boy with only one friend, the lovely Ella. He is a closet gay mainly because he doesn't want the bullying he goes through to get any worse than it already is. Meeting the schools 'bad boy' Aiden makes his life very eventful.     Aiden Miller. He's cocky, loud and very troublesome. He has a new girl every other day and doesn't care to stop breaking hearts. His best friends Jacob and Mason always try to keep him out of trouble, nothing usually works, then he met Jace and things got a lot more serious than intended.

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Bitch I would be playing some Britney Spears what you mean? 😂😂
FlipingRino FlipingRino Oct 07
I'm 4"11" and a complete nerd and I know people that are scared of me. Some people just don't make sense 😂
BTShip BTShip Sep 04
I have a gay best friend/cousin and a lesbian friend both of them are pretty cool
BTShip BTShip Sep 04
Well my cousin pulled the 'what would you do if you knew someone was gay' and they were chill with it so he pretty much just went 'sweet, I'm gay. Later' and walked out the door
I have friends of all sexualities EXCEPT gay, I have a lesbian best friend but sadly no gay friends
Yelling at someone who is obviously easily scared is a great decision