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Camp Counselor (Lesbian) (GirlxGirl) (LGBT) by Paperhat
Camp Counselor (Lesbian) ( Paperhat | Love Stories
Warning: Will contain some graphic content, such as sex scenes. Frankie is pessimistic, surly, and super fucking gay. Rowan, her camp counselor, is happy-go-lucky, spir...
Lana (A Love Story) by vyrnvythror
Lana (A Love Story)by Vyrn Vythror ™
Tom Thorson can't back away from a challenge-even though he knows that that's exactly the reason why he always gets in trouble with his parents. But he cannot help himse...
I Lose And I Gain. (BoyXBoy) {Book 1} by Stephanie_-_-
I Lose And I Gain. (BoyXBoy) { The Hugger
After his beloved boyfriend dies in a car accident, Devin Dan Maag changes for the worst, he's no longer the happy outgoing Devin that everybody knew. One day Devin deci...
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cut me (larry) by harrysrainbowflags
cut me (larry)by harrysrainbowflags
"Hey Lou how are you?" He asked. "I'm fine" I lied. Or Where Louis is depressed and Harry wants to help him. -short story (COMPLETED)
AURORA by R5_and_1D_Lover
AURORAby Pansexual_Trash
Delilah Sanchez is the perfect girl, gorgeous, popular and... straight? Well at least that's what she thinks until she meets a sassy rebellious new girl who makes her qu...
Aloveen Rising by FernOfAivery
Aloveen Risingby Aivery Fern
Ethan was a rich and friendless fifteen-year-old until his family abandoned their busy lives in Sydney to move to Ravera where everything changed. Ethan and his newfound...
jarchie oneshots by xoarchie
jarchie oneshotsby a.
just a bunch of jarchie oneshots *suggestions accepted*
You & Me (boyxboy)  ✧ Prequel✧ by cheyennnemarie
You & Me (boyxboy) ✧ Prequel✧by Cheyenne Marie
- Prequel of "Us" - Every love story has a beginning. This is Damon's & Jamie's. A short story about how Damon Camp & Jamieson Pratt met and fell in love. Seri...
pink ⍹ yellow ; jikook by sunflowerchimmy
pink ⍹ yellow ; jikookby Ella Maria
"his once grey world had been lit up pink and yellow," ♡ --- &; (warnings: mentions of depression and self-harm, swearing, gay shit) PREVIOUSLY TITLED - just o...
Liam by tallboi7
Liamby tallboi7
A senior gives a freshman a ride home
Secret Love On Campus by Cleo_Starlight_Hell
Secret Love On Campusby Grace/Luka
Set in the bakugan evolutions episode: Magnus is Back! Magnus and Dan start secretly dating when Magnus joins the academy. They don't want anyone to know so they act lik...
Kyungsoo has been having a difficult time after Kai's death. He was rich and the CEO of SM Entertainment yet he wasn't happy. He started to work at that company because...
The night to remember  by Cloudy_Alluim
The night to remember by *•{Zaden}•*
Funny haha story of my guy friends. The cover is actually Devlin
Love is all we need  by Rubes_0728
Love is all we need by Rubes!
Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson Live two completely different life's however when their life's join together they realise they are what t both their lives to be complet...
Rainbow Autumn by sxaguaro
Rainbow Autumnby nicki fan
just a story about two gay high schoolers in upstate new york i wrote this for a creative writing project lol
Shadows by Invisibleman14
Shadowsby Invisibleman14
Sequel to "And He Is Mine". Spencer and Jesse have been living blissfully together for the past couple weeks. Until... It started.
The Gay Christian by Peroxideshots
The Gay Christianby Max Johnson
Being brought up in a Christian home I've always been taught being homosexual was a sin. And that if you were gay you would go to hell. This is a story showing the battl...
The System | BxB | by DesiredIdentity
The System | BxB |by DesiredIdentity
Meet a gay teenager named Andrew who has been bullied in his past, and now.. he's getting abused by his parents, so.. he eventually gets taken out of the home and placed...
The Life of Tobias Grass by MarisaMaichel
The Life of Tobias Grassby Marisa Maichel
Tobias Grass: shy, introverted, overweight, bullied. David Berkenschiemer: tough, dark, troubled, brave. When David stands up to Billy Hank on Tobias' behalf, thus beg...