The Alpha's Sweetheart

The Alpha's Sweetheart

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Avery Taylor By LetyourColorsBurst Completed

Mia Davis taken and put in a cell after Rogue's took over her pack. It's been a year, barely food, no showers, no were or human contact of any kind.  The men beat and touch her everyday. Never raped but she knows it's coming to if she doesn't do something.

  Alpha Samuel, Alpha of the Silver Blood pack, one of the strongest pack's in the world is after them, but finds the girl's instead. As soon as their eyes meet she knew. Mate.  Mia's world isn't over though, the Rogue's are still after her. And want her at all cost but Alpha Samuel won't let it happen and neither will Mia.

 Mia; Bold, strong, attitudey, outgoing, smart, cute, powerful won't let him take her over. 
Alpha Samuel; Strong, powerful, stubborn, sexy, demanding, scary Protective(Over Mia of course) will do anything to keep her out of harms way.  

But with a world full of Rogues, neither of them are safe.

Especially when everyone keeps hiding their secrets.



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zayfron_is_bae zayfron_is_bae Oct 20, 2017
This is the most unrealistic and unreasonable wattpad book I have ever read
Gryffindor289 Gryffindor289 Apr 03, 2017
I slapped my forehead so bloody hard rn it hurts like a- LANGUAGE!!😂😂
wanderlustly wanderlustly Jul 17, 2017
thought they were introduced in the last chapter on the way to his pack
lollol2708 lollol2708 Sep 17, 2017
How much would could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck looked like you?
MangoSprayAddict MangoSprayAddict Apr 07, 2016
@_starlike_ they were just suggesting to the author the correction, just in case it was missed in editing...and it wasn't a comment on the plot line, it was just correcting...calm down
1-800-BASH-A-BITCH 1-800-BASH-A-BITCH Sep 18, 2016
Looking for reveeenge 
                              All summer sixteen
                              All summer sixteen