Festering Darkness

Festering Darkness

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Sierra By Silvan_Elleth Completed

The story of how Aragorn and Legolas met. 

After a failed spider mission, Legolas is left injured beyond what the Greenwood healers can help. Thranduil, worried for his son's Fea, sends him to Imladris for help, only for him and the unit escorting him to be attacked on the way. Legolas, after barely escaping, then fleas to the most unlikely of places where he hides, refusing to tell anyone of his whereabouts, afraid to go to Imladris, afraid to go home. 

This story fills in some gaps from The Return and creates a few more that I may delve into in a later fic. 

Thanks to @GerithorDunedain and @Illeandir for the title! @GerithorDunedain also gave me the prompt for this story XD

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