The Last Queen {Thranduil FanFiction}

The Last Queen {Thranduil FanFiction}

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An account of the last days of the ElvenQueen. 

Lairiel of Lorien was a Telerian elleth, and guardian of the Valar's creation. A chance encounter, on a political exchange to Greenwood, has her fate entwined with that of the Great Forest - she chose Oropher's son.

She is Thranduil's most beloved treasure, and the light of the people she so readily embraced. But, as Greenwood falls into darkness even the King and his Queen are not immune to the evil of Sauron.

***Note: I wrote this story ten years ago, and I'm keeping it very much to its original form and plot. Therefore this is not a Gundabad story, nor a dragon fire plot. It is not influenced by the hobbit movies. It was how I imagined the tragedy of the ElvenKing, and was my very first fanfiction***

***Disclaimer: All recognisable characters belong to the master Tolkien. Without him we would never have had such wonderful freedom of imagination. Lairiel and Ellenya are my own beloved OCs, their stories do belong entirely to me.***

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SianaPetkova SianaPetkova Aug 31, 2016
Even so long ago your imagination was as vivid as today! 
                              I enjoy every work of yours and admire your way to develop a story on so many levels....
elvenprincesscher elvenprincesscher Aug 22, 2016
I love how you describe your characters and settings in your stories so vividly!
aliciak001 aliciak001 Nov 29, 2015
Omg i love young Legolas, especially him and Ellenya together!!
Miss_Marshmellow Miss_Marshmellow Sep 03, 2015
I love this family! I also love the connection that they have, it's heart warming
Tammyt70 Tammyt70 Aug 12, 2015
A new story! Awesome! They are adorable as a family but I fear for their safety. Well not Thranduil's but the others. :( Thranduil can handle orcs any day.
LadyDeebo LadyDeebo Aug 12, 2015
Still a good story even 10 years later.. but now I'm worried about the queen and the children. ..orcsies...are headed there way...Thranduil will be fine..cause he's Thranduil. .