I Solemnly Swear That I'm Up To No Good

I Solemnly Swear That I'm Up To No Good

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It’s 3:23 in the morning.

I’m sitting in my bed with a large jar of melted marshmallows.

Ryder’s suppose to be here in ten minutes with a large jar of melted chocolate.

How he came up with this prank, the world may never know.

Why I agreed to help him, the world may never know.

Ryder Sweet and Gabi Gomer have never gotten along, ever since they were kids. Because Gabi's house is infested with bugs, she's forced to spend three solid weeks with her enemy. From peanut butter beds to cars full of water balloons, who knows what these two are capable of.

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He obviously went to go find some peanut butter to go with this jelly
Did he get his peanut butter yet? Because he joke got more jelly
JeonzGirl JeonzGirl Oct 17
this is like the 100000 TH time im reading this and this scene gets me every time DONT BE OBLIVIOUS guuurl
Messes Moony, wormtail, padfoot and prongs present the marauders map.
So my "butler" (don't ask) hugged me from behind at school and I tensed coz I was sitting down and it was weird
I'm thinking that this was a mistake made by the author. OH AUTHOR-CHAN