It's That Biker Chick

It's That Biker Chick

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Florence Elizabeth MacIntyre is the daughter of James MacIntyre - CEO of MacIntyre Inc. which is the largest and most famous architectural firm in the world.  It's known for its exquisite, intricate designs especially when all of its clients are either celebrities, wealthy people or very powerful political figures. It's clear that she comes from an extremely wealthy family and has a pretty exquisite lifestyle. Even her name sounds fancy. 

     However, despite being raised in a posh home life, Florence, or Flo, as she would like everyone to call her, is a delinquent. She breaks rules, she pulls pranks and she makes insensitive jokes at the most inappropriate times. And to add the cherry on top, she's been expelled twice within the same year for skipping classes,  failing all of her tests and causing excessive damage to school property. Her relatives think she's a disgrace, girls think she's a bitch and boys think she's just some badass biker chick.

     Flo wasn't always like this though. Now the question is, why? Why act this way when you have everything and anything anyone could ever wish for? Leo Archer found himself wondering this exact thought after having an encounter with the biker chick herself. He should be offended by the rude comments she's made but behind that anger, lies pure intrigue for her story.

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