Silver Linings  [!]UNDER CONSTRUCTION[!]

Silver Linings [!]UNDER CONSTRUCTION[!]

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Canada. Anywhere but Canada. The place where it's constantly cold, and rainy and gross. It's so different from Pennsylvania. Not to mention I own more shorts and tanks than I do long sleeved shit. "Erika! Come on there's still boxes!" My dad called. As if I wanted to move with my dad to Canada. My parents just had to get a divorce. They had to split up the kids. So now my twin brother Daniel was in the US and I was in Canada. I groaned getting up from my spot on the front porch of the new house. It wasn't as cold right now because summer was coming up, but how joyful would it be when winter came. I went and grabbed a box from the truck in the driveway and grabbed a couple boxes. "Hey, you need help?" I heard a voice come from behind me. I started fumbling with the boxes when I turned around. In front of me was an extremely attractive boy. Did I mention how beautiful Canadian boys are? I didn't? Oops.

Llaauurreenn1234567 Llaauurreenn1234567 Dec 14, 2016
where I live in Canada the climate and geographics r extremely similar to Pittsburgh, PA
_Marks_bae_ _Marks_bae_ Mar 16, 2016
My dad would not wink, he will kick the guy out and get mad😂
Ham4Ham_Spn Ham4Ham_Spn Apr 06, 2016
Not everywhere in Canada is cold and gross and rainy. Yeah we get a rain and it does get cold but nothing below 1 or 2 over here in British Columbia
_Marks_bae_ _Marks_bae_ Mar 16, 2016
Some people think I'm Shawn mendes 12 yr old sis because my last name is Mendez, even tho his is mendes
caitlinjones_xo caitlinjones_xo Oct 04, 2016
Oh my god tell me about it. I know a Canadian guy and he is HOT...!
ASillyGirlInAsgard ASillyGirlInAsgard May 28, 2016
This is the first Shawn fanfic I read that actually seems like it might happen.