Paige (2/3)

Paige (2/3)

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I made my way to the kitchen as usual and opened the fridge and grabbed a drink. My mom was usually in here,preparing a snack for my brother and I but today she wasn't. To think of it,it was too quiet around here 

I then proceeded to go upstairs to my room as I know my brother has soccer practise and my dad is at work. I walked upstairs and passed my father's office and I heard some talking

I then heard laughing,a woman laughing to be specific 

"Scott stop!" She laughed once again

And i knew that,that was not my mother's voice.

My heart broke when I realised my dad didn't actually love my mother. He was a cheater and after this i lost all respect for him. 

I stood outside the door for a good 10 minutes debating whether I should storm In there or just keep quiet about the whole thing.

The laughing and talking went on and I decided it would be best if I walked away. Tears threatened to fall as I went to my bedroom. I actually looked up to my father. He was my superman. He got himself a good job,a beautiful wife,and started a beautiful family...only to find out it was all a lie. Is his wife even his wife? Are we even his children? Is this house actually ours? 

°•Enter the world of Paige West. The perfect teenager every girl dreams of being. This fairy tale-like little girls' entire life comes falling down when she learns about her disturbing past and the lies she has been fed since she was a kid•°