Psychro - A Black Butler Ice King AU Fan-Fic

Psychro - A Black Butler Ice King AU Fan-Fic

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Psychrophobia - the fear of cold, ice or frost. 

When Astre and Ciel Phantomhive and their dearest friend, Ember Lane, go missing in a snow storm, everyone is thrown into high alert. The three are key roles in society as the successors of nobles and the Queen's Guard Dogs, policeman of England's Underground. 

In the distance is a palace of ice where wyverns and beasts guard the entrance gates and infrastructure. Inside resides a king, a man dubbed Sebastian by the youngest twin, who takes the three as slaves and servants to go on dangerous missions to steal jewels and gold and diamonds. 

Despite the overhanging threat of having their bodies frozen and their souls taken, the trio devise a plan to escape the king. If only Ember could carry out such a plan... 

Disclaimer: The mature rating/warning is for violence. No sexual situations/language are used in this story. Any comments with sexual/vulgar/inappropriate content is prohibited. 

The following is a fan-based story. Kuroshitsuji and Black Butler is owned by their current contractors and Yana Toboso. Please support the official release. 

All chapters are lyrics from Coldplay's Violet Hill. The pictures are colorized versions of the original manga. 

This story is based on the Ice King AU. The events of the dreaded night did not occur, the parents are alive, the twins are still together, Our!Ciel is named Astre and Sebastian is the Ice King and not a demon. All of my characters and the story ideas are mine. 

Please vote and support! Comments are greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading!

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