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Every Demon's Curse (Sebastian x Ciel | SebaCiel)

Every Demon's Curse (Sebastian x Ciel | SebaCiel)

27.3K Reads 1.5K Votes 23 Part Story
PhantoMichaelis By LeviBabyHeichou Completed

Bound by a curse to last until he come face to face with his perishable end, Sebastian Michaelis once thought he could escape this wretched fate of his. Thinking it was no more than some obscene legend that those pitiful mortals conjured up with to degrade his kind.

What will the demon do once the actuality of the curse unveil before his very eyes? And what if the curse that can ruin his entire existence involves a certain slate-haired and sharp-tongued young earl?

*Disclaimer: Sebastian and Ciel do not belong to me, if they were then they probably already had thousands of sebaciel babies xD. Kuroshitsuji along with all of its characters are owned by Yana Toboso.*

Published: 12th of March, 2016
Completed: 6th of August, 2016

blancana blancana Jun 18, 2016
Ha the way he describes Ciel is how you can describe me at school or at home
You write extremely beautiful.You are such a talented person.I wish I have your talent.
Umiisa Umiisa Dec 10, 2016
Oh my gosh. So wonderful. Sebastian and Ciel are actually IN CHARACTER for once and I am SO glad that's how you're writing it. Plus, you write it so beautifully! I know I'm late reading this but still SUCH. A great. Job.
hazzastylescute hazzastylescute Oct 19, 2016
The word cocked goes with a Boyxboy u know what I mean 😏
                              What have I become? I'm sorry
AliHess126 AliHess126 Mar 07
Ciel is great. He is b***hy some days and nice others. He's just like me!!😉😈
blancana blancana Jun 18, 2016
Haha me every morning....I'm not a morning or night person I will start yelling at whoever wakes me up or touches my shoulder at night or morning. I'm a grumpy child