Black and White; A Forbidden Love

Black and White; A Forbidden Love

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This is a Sebastian x Reader story and this is taken place in all of Black Butler. Also I do not own most of the characters or some of the plot they go to there respective owners. So since that's out of the way enjoy.

You are an immortal who has a set of interesting powers and a horrible past. Also you are a secret agent for the Queen who nicknamed you the Queen's Moonlight. You were escaping a really drunked man when a man in a butler outfit and a noble looking boy saves you when you really don't need it but you were injured in the shoulder and knee so you were grateful that they saved you. After that they saved you they introduced themsves as Sebastion Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive and offered a job as a maid at the Phantomhive mansion. You accept that positioin and knew that your immortal life won't be the same again. As you start your journey in the Phantomhive estate you will have meet unexpected event and secrets will be revealed between you and the rest of the Phantomhive household, and what happens if you fall in love with a certain demon butler? If you want to find out then start reading!!!!!!!! 

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... Mr. Demon sir, how do you know my name? Do you read minds???
I thought u didn't hear me when I said my name 
                              Guess Demon hearing is PRETTY GREAT!!!
Damn jack ass why must sapphire be pretty when Ceil can be a prick
                              *hits ceil and runs for it with Sebastian on her trail*
I don't remember uttering my name near you... Or at all, in fact... Not creepy at all, Seb, not creepy at all...
Uhh... Sebastian we just met how do you know my name *gasps* when did you get my birth certificate!!!