The Step-Brother (Harry Styles Fanfic)

The Step-Brother (Harry Styles Fanfic)

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Lily is forced to move in with her soon-to-be step-mom, step-sister, and step-brother. She immediately has a crush on her step-brother, Harry Styles, and his feelings are mutual. What will happen in this roller coaster of drama, and love? Will their forbidden love work out in the end? Will they end up together and move past their struggles?

"Don't say we're not right for each other because the way I see it, we might not be right for anyone else. "

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cora_is_me cora_is_me Jun 16, 2016
I wake up at 5 and the bus comes at like 6:20 and school starts at 7:10 haha
raygirl321 raygirl321 Nov 10, 2016
Too fast i'd sure say i think maybe at least try to slow it down a little bit
nelehseyer nelehseyer Jul 08, 2016
I wake up at 7:30 get dressed walk out at 8:15 either get dropped off or walk and school starts at 8:45 😂😂
HarrehStyles4 HarrehStyles4 Nov 05, 2016
I mean she could stay in there, as long as she has the right stuff
Dontit-irwin Dontit-irwin Nov 06, 2016
i have read this dumpster fire literally 4 times just to see how far ill get why am i doing it again
Anne's a saint.not literally but Harry's an angel .and that's his mother